1. Buffalo grazing in a field

    Suburbs Collide with Nature

    Where the buffalo roam... Tom took these pictures near Daniels Park in Douglas County. Once these magnificent beasts roamed freely and ruled the prairie. Once they provided food, clothing, and shelter…Read More

  2. The spire of the Colorado capitol building

    Pigeon Poop and the Golden Dome

    Did you know the dome of the Colorado Capitol Building is gold? Well actually it is gold plate. According to Wikipedia, the structure was constructed in the 1890’s from Colorado white granite and it…Read More

  3. Rats and vole control in Denver

    Adventures in Pest Control

    When my husband and I attend parties and people discover he has been an exterminator for 37 years in the Denver area, they are first fascinated by the topic, and then enthralled by his stories. No one…Read More