1. Fun Facts About Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs have been lurking in cracks and crevices since the beginning of time, and these little pests feed on human blood to survive. While bed bugs aren’t known to transmit harmful diseases or pose…Read More

  2. All About Centipedes!

    If you’ve seen a centipede, you probably shuddered with fear. While they might not be as adorable as Corgis or bunnies, they actually are pretty productive members of the animal kingdom. It can be t…Read More

  3. Yes! We Have Tarantulas in Our Bananas

    People say, “We don’t have tarantulas in Colorado!” Well we don’t usually... “Can you please send someone over right away. We have tarantulas in our produce section!” exclaimed the agitate…Read More

  4. Get That Mouse Out Of This House!

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