1. Several bunches of bananas

    Yes! We Have Tarantulas in Our Bananas

    People say, “We don’t have tarantulas in Colorado!” Well we don’t usually... “Can you please send someone over right away. We have tarantulas in our produce section!” exclaimed the agitate…Read More

  2. Profile of a house mouse

    Get That Mouse Out Of This House!

    Sometimes unreasonable fear can cause people to do strange things. So we try to help them with reassurance, understanding, and prompt attention – whenever possible. “There is a mouse in my house a…Read More

  3. The spire of the Colorado capitol building

    Pigeon Poop and the Golden Dome

    Did you know the dome of the Colorado Capitol Building is gold? Well actually it is gold plate. According to Wikipedia, the structure was constructed in the 1890’s from Colorado white granite and it…Read More

  4. The Real Batman

    Disclaimer: Never touch a bat that looks sick or is not moving. NOTE: Bats are a valuable species and are protected in many states. Colorado Pest Management does not advocate bat extermination. The ev…Read More

  5. A cobweb-covered lightbulb

    The Haunted Basement

    Do you love those TV shows about haunted places? Then I have a good story for you. One of the design firms in Denver is located in an old, renovated building that was built in 1870 in downtown Denver.…Read More

  6. Rats and vole control in Denver

    Adventures in Pest Control

    When my husband and I attend parties and people discover he has been an exterminator for 37 years in the Denver area, they are first fascinated by the topic, and then enthralled by his stories. No one…Read More