Fall pest management services you'll need

Winters in Colorado are no joke. Even out here in Englewood where the snow is much lighter than the mountains, we can still get some pretty crazy weather and below freezing days. Now that temperatures are dropping, even more, it’s not uncommon for the pests and animals outdoors to try and make their way to any place where they can find food and warmth, and for many, that’s inside of our homes or garages.

Colorado Pest Management is the company to call when you need a pest removed from your space, and since we can’t be there to ensure that your home remains free from pests, we figure that the best that we could do is give you a few pointers to take care of your home as fall starts to fully settle and winter begins to kick in.

Check for Holes

It would be incredible if all our homes were indestructible, but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Even the holes that you might not view as a potential entrance for any pests, should be something that you prioritize as the temperatures drop. You can find these types of holes in the roof of your home, the siding on the exterior of your house, and cracks where the walls meet up in various areas of your home.

Before temperatures get too cold, it’s always good to make sure that you can take care of these holes because they are the first bit of space that animals will try and come through. And, if they’re easy to sneak into, then you can almost guarantee that you’re going to be making some friends this winter.

Depending on where it is that you’re noticing the hole, there are a few routes that you can take to care for them. If it’s a seal in your window that’s broken you can quickly apply some caulking, while any cracks in your doors will require a weather strip to reduce that crack. Any larger holes may require the help of a professional. For example, if your siding has a large crack or hole in it, then you’re going to want to have a professional come through and fix this so that pests aren’t going into this space and making a home in between the walls. If that goes on for too long, you wind up with a much larger issue than a pest control issue.

Clean Up Leaves

One of the tasks that you can complete in your own home that will make a huge difference is cleaning up your leaves. The big trees that we see throughout Englewood are more than capable of covering a full yard of leaves, and the truth is that these aren’t only bad for the health of your lawn, but they are are also a welcoming sign for many pests that thrive in this type of coverage.

If you have any foliage in your yard that is starting to build up in your yard, you are going to want to remove this immediately. It may not seem like enough coverage for an animal to thrive in, but it is indeed plenty for them to create a lawyer with which they find warmth, even if it’s just on the cold days.

Move Chopped Wood

One of the many benefits of living in Colorado during the winter is the chance to turn on your fireplace and enjoy a nice cozy day by the fire. This is one of the best things to spend a lazy weekend doing and it’s even better when you have a wood burning stove that gives off the feel that you’re in the middle of the woods.

For many of those that have wood burning fireplaces, there is a pile of wood that is sitting outside that people can easily access when they need to grab some extra wood to throw on the flame. While this is a great way to organize the wood that you have sitting outside, it is also a huge attraction for smaller pests that are also looking for coverage and warmth when temperatures get really cold.

Even if you love having extra wood to throw onto the fire, it’s not in your best interest to keep it in a pile, especially a pile that’s close to your home. When you do have a pile that rodents and pests make their way into, and it’s close to your home, they have easy access to any openings or cracks. What’s worse than that is that at this point it’s really easy for them to dig down into the ground and find weak spots in your foundation that they can start to burrow in. Again, this type of issue is one that is going to lead to more than just a pest control issue, which is certainly not ideal.

Check Ventilation

We’ve mentioned above that the warmth of a space is what these pests are looking for, especially if it’s a cooler season than most. Within your home there are plenty of places for these pests to make a home and find a warm space to stay for the cooler months. Something that you should check often is what the ventilation in these closed-off spaces looks like.

Checking your attic, your basement, and any crawl spaces that you have is a must! These are the places that have the least amount of foot traffic and are also extremely warm because they are still insulated. By ensuring that there is still a constant flow of air going through the spaces, you can feel confident that there won’t be any stale or stagnant air that is welcoming to these pests.

Keep Food Stored Away

Warmth and food are the two things that these pests are going to look for, and now that we’ve covered the warm aspects, let’s dive into the food that they’re going to be looking for. Depending on where you store your food, you will want to ensure that your food is stored tightly so that pests can’t easily get into them. This goes for food storage both in your home and out. If you are storing food inside of your house, make sure that you keep an eye out for any rodent droppings that may be a sign of a pest that is in your home.

If you have food stored outside, try and keep it in a place where pests won’t be able to reach it. There are cabinets that you can buy to put outside to keep them out of the food, but even adding a handful of mothballs inside of the area is a great way to deter pests from getting into any stored items that you have. As soon as one pest finds that this is a source of food, you can count on more and more pests making their way to your space and getting into your food. And, unfortunately, if this is the case for your home there’s nothing that you can do to keep them away but to remove the food and find another place to store it, which can be a challenge.

Trash Cans

Another part of your home that you’ll have to be cautious of will be your trash cans. These are a part of your home that will be both warm and have leftover scraps for them to nibble on. This is a great way for them to get everything that they need in one spot, and given the fact that they’re right outside, it’s pretty easy for them to get into these spaces and take advantage of them.

You can’t do much about the functionality and design of a trashcan, so your only option is to keep an eye on them and do your best to ensure that there aren’t any pests making their way into them. There are certain lids that you can put on your trashcans to avoid any chances of pests getting into them. Keeping them inside of your garage can reduce the chances of any pests getting in, which is good for you.

Being proactive with the types of pest control that you’ll need to initiate is one of the best things that you can do to avoid any pests actually getting into your home this winter. Spend a weekend looking into these types of things and preparing for the cooler weather that is guaranteed to come and there’s no doubt you’ll see less pests getting into your home this winter.

If you wind up with pests in your home this winter, you can reach out to Colorado Pest Management and we’ll come to your home and take care of them. We’ve got a variety of services that you can choose from, each one that will provide you with no less than the best. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a quote and a general idea on how we will go through with the removal of the pests that you have in your space.