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Customized Pest Solutions for your Apartment, Condo, or Townhome Community

  • We will help you reduce your liability exposure by eliminating pest problems.
  • We provide accurate record keeping for each job.
  • Follow up is important, and we will ensure that every problem is addressed and solved.
  • Colorado Pest Management is environmentally responsible, child-safe and pet-friendly.
  • We know you need and want to fill those vacancies quickly. If your units have a pest problem, we will solve the problem quickly.
  • Our technicians will give residents educational pest information as needed.
  • We offer sanitation advice, prevention recommendations, and exclusion plans.
  • We utilize Integrated Pest Management, a common sense way to address pest and rodent problems unique to your property.

Every Multi-Family Housing treatment includes:

  • Custom Pest Solutions
  • Inspection
  • Positive Pest Identification
  • Appropriate Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Recommendations
  • Evaluation

We focus on pest entry and shelter points in and around your building and units. Your technician will provide expert analysis and treatment in these critical areas. Your entire complex, inside and outside, will receive detailed attention. We will solve your problem, be it bed bugs, rodents, insects, or nuisance wildlife.

Our outstanding service is always reliable, professional, and friendly. See what property managers and owners are saying about our excellent service.

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