Q. Do I have to sign a long-term contract to use your service?

A. Experience has shown that monthly service is most effective for controlling pests.We also offer quarterly service or a one time solution if you prefer.

Q. Is the treatment safe for my children and pets?

A. Yes, our technicians are trained to properly and safely treat all pest problems. In some situations residents may have to vacate premises during and after treatment.

Q. Will I see immediate results after treatment?

A. Situations vary greatly. Some applications are designed to work slowly, while others work quickly.

Q. Do I have to pay at the time of service?

A. You may pay by credit card or check at the time of service. Please discuss your payment options when you call or contact us for your appointment.

Q. Do I really have to do everything on the Bedbug Preparation Sheet?

A. Absolutely. The better prepared the resident is, the more effective the service.

Q. Will I smell an odor after treatment?

A. In most instances our materials are odorless. However, some customers may notice a temporary, slight odor when they return home.

Q. Do you offer weekend service?

A. We do offer weekend service by appointment.