If you’ve started to notice ants or cockroaches scurrying across your kitchen floor, it may be time to call a local pest control company to help rid your home of unwanted pests. While you may be tempted to try and find a pest control solution yourself, hiring an experienced pest control company has an array of benefits that you may not be aware of.

At Colorado Pest Management, we’re proud to be a leading provider of Denver pest control solutions, wildlife control, and exclusion services. We’ve been offering residential and commercial pest control solutions since 1989. At CPM, we specialize in the extermination of bed bugs, ants, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, and more. However, we have a number of other professional pest control services that are all designed to help remove pests of all kinds from your property. Keep scrolling to learn more about why you should hire a professional pest control company, or contact Colorado Pest Management to answer any questions you may have and to schedule an inspection of your property today.

Denver Pest Management Services We Provide:

  • Insect control
  • Rodent control
  • Wildlife removal services
  • Wildlife exclusion
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Sanitation services
  • And more!

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pest Control Company in Denver

Save Money

Did you know that hiring a professional pest control company to rid your home of unwanted pests and nuisance wildlife can actually save you money? When you attempt to rid pests from your home by yourself, you’ll have to pay full price on the proper insecticides and extermination equipment. When you hire a pest control company to take care of the problem, they’ll not only use the right products for your pest infestation, but they’ll also be able to provide you with the right insecticide solutions for a fraction of the cost (this is because exterminators usually get to purchase these products wholesale).

Customized Plan

A pest control company won’t just wing your pest control needs, they’ll create a customized plan to rid your home of bed bugs, ants, and spiders. They will take the time to inspect the exterior and interior of your property, looking for possible entryway points where bugs can enter your facility along the way. They will then create a short-term and long-term pest control plan specific to your home’s need and your personal budget.

Save Yourself Time

Attempting DIY pest control methods can cost you time and money. Save yourself the hassle of trying to rid ants, cockroaches, or spiders from your home by hiring the experts at Colorado Pest Management. We can help take the guesswork out of the extermination process by thoroughly inspecting your home before recommending the best pest control treatment option for you.


Unless you took an in-depth course of Colorado pests and nuisance wildlife in college, there’s a good chance you’re unaware of common Front Range pests. This can make it extremely challenging to decipher which insecticide and pest control solution will work for your property. When you hire a pest control specialist, they will be able to accurately identify the types of bugs or wildlife you are dealing with. This will ultimately allow them to implement the most efficient method of extermination.

At Colorado Pest Management in Denver, we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to address pest and rodent problems. This customized pest control technique focuses on three key areas:

  • Inspecting the property for sure-tell signs of pests
  • Identifying what pests are inhabiting your space and the factors that are allowing them to thrive
  • Using customized pest control methods using pragmatic and non-toxic methods


When you opt for over-the-counter insecticides to rid bugs from your home, there’s a good chance the chemicals being used in these products can cause harm to your family, property, and even pets. Protect your home and family by hiring a pest control company in Denver. At Colorado Pest Management, we use safe and eco-friendly pest control products for all of our residential and commercial jobs.

Focus On Prevention

Most DIY pest solutions only focus on killing pests at the source, not necessarily keeping them away from your home in the future. A pest control company will not only eliminate the pests that are currently inhabiting your space, but they will also work to prevent future infestations from occuring. An experienced exterminator will look for entryways where bugs are getting into your home before implementing the most efficient prevention method.

What To Look For When Hiring A Pest Control Company

At Colorado Pest Management, we understand how challenging it can be to find the best pest control company in town. That’s why we invite you to explore your options. There are many things to consider when hiring a residential or commercial pest control company. Let’s take a look at some things to consider before you hire a pest control specialists to rid your home of spiders, bedbugs, and more.

Company Reputation

Unless you want to pay full price for a half-done pest control job, you should start looking at the reputation of all companies in consideration. Are the pest control companies you’re looking at bonded and insured? This is very important, as it can protect your property against unforeseen damages and liability.

Professional Appearance

If the pest control specialist you hire shows up to your door in a worn-out pair of jeans and a ripped t-shirt, you may want to consider your other options. The pest control company you hire should look professional in its appearance, both in-person and online. If the company’s website is outdated or difficult to navigate, you may want to continue looking for the right pest control company.

References and Testimonials

A professional pest control company will have an array of references and testimonials that you can browse. This is a great way to see what others have to say about their experience with the company, which can give you a general idea of how your services will be.

At Colorado Pest Management, we have a list of testimonials from our clients across the Front Range that you can browse at your leisure online. See why we’re one of the go-to pest control companies in Denver today!

Ongoing Contracts

If you need ongoing residential pest control services for your home or business, you may want to ask the pest control company in question if you can see an example of one of their contracts. Does the business offer quarterly pest control solutions that you can take advantage of? Are there any hidden fees in the fine print that you should be aware of? Do they offer the most affordable pest control solutions in your part of town? All of these questions are worth asking or reading over in a contract.

Common Colorado Pests To Be Aware Of

The state of Colorado is home to a variety of pests that can cause structural damage to your property and safety hazards to your family. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Colorado pests to be aware of. If you start to notice any of these creepy crawlers in your home, call Colorado Pest Management for a consultation today.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants come in a variety of sizes, making them somewhat difficult to identify. They can appear black or reddish in color and they like to establish their nests in wooded areas (decaying wood in particular). As foragers, these pesky ants will leave their nest in search of food and nutrients. When carpenter ants infest your home or business, they can cause serious damage to the structure of your property.

Field Ants

Field ants are another common pest that can be found nesting in your garden or lawn soil. These ants like to feed on sweet materials like honeydew and you can find them nesting on twigs, dry leaves, and under rocks in your backyard.

Boxelder Bugs

The boxelder bug can be found in homes and businesses along the Front Range. You can easily identify these pests because they have red markings on their bodies. They have been found to congregate on exterior walls of buildings during spring and summertime. While they excrete an unpleasant odor when smashed, these bugs will not be a health threat to your family.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the biggest nuisance pests out there. When these critters invade your home, you’ll want to call a pest control company right away. Bed bugs feed on the blood of mammals, so if you wake up with itchy red marks that appeared overnight, you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation.


Centipedes often have a yellow-to-brown color and they can be found laying eggs in soil or areas of high moisture. Many Denver residents find centipedes in their basement or laundry room. These bugs can also be found hiding under bark, rocks, or other organic materials outside. If you notice centipedes in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, it may be time to call the professionals at Colorado Pest Management.

Colorado Pest Management: Denver’s Top Pest Control Company

If you live in Denver and you’re in need of a professional pest control company to rid your home of ants, spiders, bed bugs, or beetles, you can count on Colorado Pest Management to provide you with the best services. From residential and commercial pest control to wildlife control and exclusion, we can help rid your property of nuisance pests and wildlife. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a way to address pest and rodent issues along the Front Range to ensure you don’t have repeat visitors once our pest professionals leave your property. Get your free estimate online today! We look forward to hearing from you.