How our Denver pest management company can help during COVID19

COVID19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, is a worldwide pandemic currently gripping the world. With social distancing policies and entire countries locking down their citizens, everyone is rightfully scared and upset with the current world affairs. Here in Colorado, nearly all non-essential workers and companies have suspended work in all or some capacity. While most retail businesses have been forced to shut down in-person shopping, places like grocery stores, gas stations, and hospitals are all staying open during the COVID19 crisis. In today’s blog, Colorado Pest Management, the top-rated pest control company in Denver, will go over how we can help you during this tough time.

We’re Considered Essential

Here at Colorado Pest Management, we’re a full-service pest control company. Because of that, we’re considered an essential business. That means we’ll be able to stay open and provide services during the pandemic. Unlike other essential businesses, such as restaurants and bars, we’ll be able to provide in-person services. No matter what kind of pest control services you need, our experts will be able to provide them for you. Colorado Pest Management is dedicated to always providing the best pest control services possible for everyone in the Denver area. Pests won’t be practicing social distancing, so that means our work will continue as well.

Our Safety Measures

If you do need pest management services during the lockdown period, not only will we be able to provide them, but we’ll also be able to provide them safely and efficiently. All of our pest control technicians wear appropriate safety gear at all times, including gloves, eye protection, respirators, and more. In the event that one of our technicians needs to come into your home, know that we’ve trained all of our team members on all proper health procedures. Colorado Pest Management will be following all CDC guidelines, being sure to monitor their websites for any and all updates. You and your family’s health and safety are our utmost concerns at all times.

Increase Sanitation

While we may not be able to disinfect your home to get rid of sickness, we can help sanitize your home in other ways to help make it a cleaner and healthier place to live. Our pest control technicians will be able to safely remove rodent droppings, which can cause many adverse health issues. Many other pests can also cause health problems in your home and can be exceptionally difficult to get rid of on your own, especially now that many stores are closed all over the state. Our pest control experts won’t be able to protect you from catching the Coronavirus, but they can help you and your family stay safe from other potentially harmful diseases and health problems that certain pests can carry.

Here at Colorado Pest Management, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best pest control services all year-round. Our highly trained technicians know how to keep you, your family, and themselves safe and healthy. If you need professional pest management in Denver, then know that Colorado Pest Management is ready to help you. Learn more about our pest control services, get to know our pest control team, or contact Colorado Pest Management to schedule your services today.